How to use your mala beads?



Mala beads are a great tool to help focus your attention and start your meditation practice.

They increase focus during meditation, rolling the crystals between your fingers is a gentle reminder to refocus when the mind begins to wander.

Having mala beads helps you to be disciplined with your meditation practice, it is a visual reminder to find the time to meditate. Also, it has a beginning and an end, providing the perfect length for your meditation practice.

Here are some simple steps on how to use your mala beads:

  1. Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. You can set up a sacred space and decor it with pictures of your loved ones, meaningful objects and memories.

  2. Find a comfortable seated position.

  3. Place your left hand on the knee: palm up to receive energy, palm down to the ground.

  4. Take your mala in your right hand with the beads on the middle fingers. The tassel should be pointing towards you. Use your thumb to move from one bead to the next. The knots between each bead are meant to help ease the practice of moving from bead to bead.

  5. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Allow the breathing to come and go as your mind settles. Beginning on one side of the guru bead, touch each bead in turn with your thumb.

    On each bead, take a deep inhale and exhale, then move to the next bead.

    Breathing: Once you have taken in the movement, you can start to layer in your breaths. Feel free to stay like this and make your way around the 108 beads if you prefer to focus on your breathing rather than adding a mantra. 

    Mantra: For each bead, in sync with your breath, you can repeat a mantra or affirmation in your head or out loud. For example, if your intention is “I am strong”, inhale “I am”, exhale “strong”. Continue to make your way around the 108 beads. Once you reach the guru bead on the other side, either stop or turn the mala around. It is advised to turn back in the direction you just came from.

  6. Once finished, either bring your hands and your mala to your heart centre, breathe here and begin to bring yourself back or use the stillness to begin a deeper meditation practice. 

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