How to Use Your Mala Bracelet?

Did you know use you can a mala bracelet to meditate same as you will do with a mala necklace?

I normally wear at least one mala bracelet daily this helps me ground and relax whereever I go, in the case I'm not wearing my mala necklace. 

I wanted to share with you how I use my mala bracelet to improve my mindfulness practice. 
You can either follow these step with your bracelet put on or remove it and hold it in one hand. 

1. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

2. Allow breathing to come and go as your mind settles.

3. Beginning on one side of the bracelet, take a deep inhale and exhale on each bead, then slowly move to the next bead. 

4. Another option is to repeat an affirmation or a mantra, you can find some inspiration online based on your personal journey. For each bead, in sync with your breath repeat a mantra in your head or out loud. 
5. You can go around 6 times to complete 108 repetitions if that's your choice.

6. Once finished, either bring your hands to your heart centre, breathe here and begin to bring yourself back or use the stillness to begin a deeper meditation practice.