Care Instructions


❍ Store your mala necklace and bracelet in a safe place when not using or wearing. Keep it on an altar or in its linen bag.

❍ Keep your piece away from the water. Getting your mala beads wet can shorten the life of the knotting cord.

❍ Please keep away from excessive sweat, sunlight, cosmetics, soaps, detergents, water and any strong perfumes or chemicals.

❍ Avoid wearing your mala necklace and bracelet when exercising, gemstone beads can be broken if dropped or exposed to extreme pressure.

❍ Avoid wrapping the mala necklace around your wrist, as it can shorten the life of your mala.

❍ When getting dressed it should be the last piece on and the first to take off.

❍ We recommend cleansing crystal beads at least once a month.


It is useful to cleanse crystals at least once a month to clear any negative energy  they might have been absorbed. There are a few ways:

White Sage: Light sage and hold the mala in the stream of the smoke. 

Sustainable-sourced Palo Santo wood: As above, but rather than clearing negative energies, this sacred wood re-charges the objects with positive energies.

 Moonlight: Place your mala in the light of a full moon. Leave it there overnight if possible. By absorbing the energy of the moonlight, you will allow its vibration to naturally lift.